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My Dick looks good in the candlelight.

Grand opening June 4th 2022
Come see my Dick!


We are extremely excited & close to making the big Grand opening! In the meantime we are placing another T-Shirt order if anyone missed out last time. T-shirt’s are $30 each
We also have zip up hoodies available $60 each. All hoodies are special order only. All T-shirt and hoodie purchases will come with one free admission to the Museum of the Strange.


Abby Normal’s is actively under construction and we will be announcing a grand opening date soon!

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In Greek mythology the Hounds of Hades AKA the Cerberus is a 3 headed working dog guarding the gates of hell to prevent the living from entering and the dead from leaving. Abby Normal has just acquired a skeleton of a Cerberus that will be displayed in Abby Normal’s Museum of the Strange.

Grand Opening details coming soon!


Abby got sent home with this note from school today.
😈 I’ve waited my entire life for this moment!


We recently have had a big influx of new likes, calls, and messages from folks traveling across the country with interest of visiting Abby Normals. We were informed they seen it on Roadside America. We are very shocked and excited at the same time. We are also happy to announce the much waited construction on the alligator enclosures is starting today! We will be announcing a grand opening date really soon!
We want to thank everyone for all the encouragement and support while we work diligently on bring you a museum of the strange and bizarre from near and far!

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This beautiful hydrocephalic calf lived for 2 months. She was graciously donated and we are absolutely ecstatic to have the opportunity to give her a second life for all to love and enjoy.


We are currently seeking an employee. Part time possibly turning into full time. This job will include monitoring museum guests. Answering questions. Merchandising the gift shop. Cleaning the museum, gift shop, and bathroom. The main responsibility of the job is to take care of customers to provide them with the best experience possible. If this is something that interests you please message us your basic info and we will schedule an interview.


Happy 9th birthday Abby herself. Shes holding a taxidermised hammerhead bat she recently acquired for Abby Normals Museum Of The Strange.


For those that ordered Abby Normal’s T-shirts they have arrived and will be available for pick up starting tomorrow and will be getting shipped out ASAP!

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We are currently on our way to New Orleans. We are hunting and searching for new items to add to the museum. During today’s travels we made an enjoyable stop and visited the tomb of President Lincoln. Absolutely one of the most historical figures I’ve gotten to visit. Definitely worth the stop if passing through Springfield, Illinois.


T-shirts are ready. Once I return from our current adventure we will get them packed up, shipped, and in your hands for those that pre ordered.

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For those who have ordered either Bonez or Abby Normals T-shirts they’re about two weeks out yet. I was informed that the normal size people sizes are on back order. As soon as they’re ready they will be sent out!


Two heads are always better than one!

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Here’s your chance to get your Abby Normal’s Museum of the Strange and Bonez by Dezign new T-shirts. The order will be placed Monday morning. The shirts are $30 each. I will not order your shirt size unless paid in full by Monday. We take cash, cards, arms, legs, and PayPal. Shipping extra. Do not message me directly go through either of the business pages please. If you can’t follow simple instructions I will not respond cause you will f**k up my flow and very unorganized organization. All money raised from the T-shirts will go to help with the new museum. All T-shirts will also come with a free admission to the museum to use for the grand opening to be announced.

Abby Normal’s Museum Of The Strange updated their website address. 10/28/2021

Abby Normal’s Museum Of The Strange updated their website address.

Abby Normal’s Museum Of The Strange updated their website address.


We are extremely excited to finally let the world know that Abby Normals Museum of the Strange have already begun construction within the walls of Bonez by Dezigns new location. She don’t look like much but this little building two blocks east and one block north of the Harrisburg exit on I-29 will behold a museum of the weird and bizarre collected from near and far!

Grand Opening Celebration coming soon!!!

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After extensive research we would like to introduce you to Thom Lee. (Aka Tommie Lee, Tom Lee Young, & Tom Lee) He died at the young age of 24 years old March 9th 1914 in Fort Worth Texas where he was executed by hanging after shooting 5 people and killing two including police officer John Ogletree May 15th 1913. Mr. Lee will be on display with his complete history coming soon.
We would personally like to thank all parties involved in the research. Rocky from Dead Sled Morgue, Kevin Foster co author of Written in Blood (1&2) who is one of the founding members of the Fort Worth police historical society and highly decorated “retired” police veteran. Also to the lady I only know as the Liberian, the two local corners, a local forensic pathologist, the South Dakota state archeological society and the South Dakota state Burial coordinator for the amazing help along this journey.

Photos from Abby Normal’s Museum Of The Strange's post 10/19/2021

The Saga of Tom:
In the morning the South Dakota state Burial coordinator will be visiting us at our home to look at the skull in person to confirm wether or not the damages to the skull are consistent with the injuries received while Mr. Lee was trying to flee capture from the police after taking two lives and injuring another with a 12g double barrel shotgun. I personally am extremely entrenched in wanting to know more of the history and ever little detail.

Photos from the City Marshals and Chiefs of Police Convention 1911

Father Nolan was the priest that spent the final day with Mr. Lee as he awaited his execution. Sheriff William Rea was the Tarrant county Sheriff that presided over Mr. Lee’s execution on March 9th 1914 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Father Nolan standing in the rear and Sheriff Rea is the older gentleman sitting at the bottom. To be continued…

(Photo credits to Kevin Foster co author of the book Written in Blood(volumes 1 & 2) and A founding member of the Fort Worth Police Historical Society)


The “Saga of Tom” continues:
Today we were contacted by a columnist from the Star Telegram in Fort Worth. It appears they are going to do a story on him and not us along with the two co authors of “Written in Blood” one of wich is a retired detective and police historian, a librarian, and another historian who have all concluded through their research that there is a “high probability” that this is the skull of Tom Lee.
On Tuesday morning the South Dakota state Burial coordinator with the state archeologist will be visiting my house to further investigate the damage to the skull to see if it is consistent with the injuries received prior to his execution in 1914.(I will have the Deadly Grounds coffee the only coffee to die for hot on the pot for their visit) I will post the article and further updates as this unfolds.
To be continued…


So is anyone friends with the county coroner? Or a forensic pathologist? I could really use a discreet favor. I’m willing to buy lunch!

(Steve at the police department this doesn’t concern you)(I know you be stalking my posts)(for the record I didn’t know she was your grandma)


Alfred LeMare Ventriloquist Figure
In today's collector world of ventriloquist figures there are a few very rare figures and one is the Alfred LeMare. This builder worked in the 19th century and created his figures of both paper mache and wood. The example you see here is 100% original having never ever been worked on or restored. Even the clothing on him is original to this figure.
This ventriloquist figure is alleged to be haunted. It was recently acquired by us from Spirit Lake, Iowa. We entertained a reasonable offer while in Vegas from a very well know “ghost hunter” for his haunted museum. I put my heart into ever item we select for Abby Normals Museum of the Strange and he will be on display forever moving forward.

As far as him be haunted, we’ll that’s for you to decide.

Comment, Like, Share for your chance to win free passes to be the first 13 to attend Abby Normals grand opening.


Do you believe in ghosts?


Wicker coffins or transfer baskets were used to store bodies before being moved for burial or while waiting for a doctor to come pronounce the individual dead. These light weight coffins were especially common during the Civil War as they were easily moved and a lower cost to produce than wooden coffins.

In the Victorian era and post Civil War these coffins were primarily used for viewings, where guests would come pay their final respects to the deceased while their body was placed in the coffin “on view” for the attendees. These wicker coffins were still used up until the 1930s for removing bodies from crime scenes, before bodybags became ubiquitous with that task.

Would you spend the night sleeping in a used body basket?

Photos from Abby Normal’s Museum Of The Strange's post 09/28/2021

We would proudly like to introduce Abby and her two headed calf Twin Bing. They were born right here in South Dakota. (the calfs and the kid) Them and their story will be on display in the upcoming future.

(The calfs not Abby will be on display)


We would like to introduce everyone to Timmy. Timmy was born with a genetic birth defect called Cyclopia it is the most extreme form of Holoprosencephaly it is a defect characterized by the failure of the embryonic procencephalon to properly separate the orbits of the eye into two separate cavities. It happens in about 1 out of 16k births.
Timmy was recently acquired while attending an Oddities & Curiosities Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. He will be on display in the near future.


The Kapala skull
In Vajrayana Buddhism, the upper cranium of the human skull (kapala) is used for tantric alchemy in which the impurities of mundane passions—namely, the three poisons of ignorance, greed, and delusion—are exorcised and thereby transformed into forces for good, wisdom, and compassion. They are often carved or elaborately mounted with precious metals and jewels.

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